Hi! I am Karan Bhanot, a passionate and determined individual who loves to code and tries to use his skills and knowledge to develop meaningful solutions for the community.

I am currently pursuing a PhD in Computer Science with research in Data and Machine Learning. My drive to create novel solutions to existing problems inspired me to pursue research and I've already started engaging with the research community (Research).

I actively work on projects related to Data Analytics, Data Science, and Machine Learning. My recently completed works include MortalityMinder, CovidMinder, Dengue Spread Information System (DSIS), and Synthetic Health Data Generation.

I primarily work with Python and R for application development, data exploration, data analysis and machine (deep) learning model generation using libraries such as Tensorflow, Pytorch, Sklearn, Flask, and Leaflet. I am also passionate about frontend web development using HTML, CSS and JavaScript and find it quite exciting if I have to develop web UI.

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